Dragonfly Books and Dragonfly Birdhouses

2014MSF2Authors Circle booth on the square in Franklin

Bright, sunny, hot, happy, and energy-filled—that was Saturday of Franklin’s Main Street Festival 2014. Expected in town—130,000 visitors to crowd Main Street and look at over 200 arts and crafts booths—jewelry, pottery, photography, leatherwork, woodworking, garden accents, and birdhouses. And books!

2014MSF1Bill Peach, Kathy Rhodes, Steve Kubicek

I am with the Middle Tennessee Authors Circle this weekend in a booth on the square in front of Fifth Third Bank,  selling Remember the Dragonflies: A Memoir of Grief and Healing. I was busy talking with other writers and with friends who stopped by the booth — Bob, Yvonne, Ken, Vicki, Don, Grace…great to see you all! And I did get a chance to go and inch through the crowds and browse. I had to buy a new birdhouse. I buy one every year at the festival.

2014MSF3See the little dragonflies? Love them both!

This year, the vendor had birdhouses with metal dragonflies on them! I’m sure I squealed when I walked into the booth and saw the lovely colors…and the dragonflies.

From my book, talking about my back yard:

“First, off the deck, heading west, there was a brick-lined, mulched walkway with six round stepping stones in it. Three had belonged to my mother before she died. My walkway went to a concrete-stone pad with a fire pit, passing a half-circle flower bed with a cobalt-blue bottle tree, a birdhouse from the Franklin Main Street Festival, and a cobalt-blue sea ball from my trip to the Oregon coast last summer…”

If you live near Franklin, come see me Sunday, April 27 at the Main Street Festival. I’ll be there from 11 till 3. I’d love to show you my book and chat a minute!