Some things I did in 2018….

Finished my novel (first draft)

Traveled to the beach four (4) times

Walked in the Nashville Women’s March

Took my granddaughter to a lookout on the Pedestrian Bridge in downtown Nashville and showed her where I made history by participating in the first Women’s March in 2017

Wrote a seven-thousand word essay

Met family in Destin, then spent a day and night there alone with my dog

Planted a butterfly garden, with butterfly lights, a house, a bath

Tried for the first time planting a vegetable garden in containers

Made eggplant parmesan for the first time

Visited the Biltmore in Asheville and attended a lecture by one of the “Hidden Figures”

Took yoga, spin, and barre classes

Provided river tonnage statistics for the governor of Ohio

Wrote a poem for the re-marriage ceremony for my son and daughter-in-law

Hosted a wedding reception for the above two

Went to a Titans game for the first time in a lot of years

Went kayaking on the Duck and hiking at Timberland Park

Went to Art Crawls and book festivals (three!)

Went to a play at Chaffin’s Barn

Chose titers for my dog instead of re-vaccinations

Said goodbye to a longtime friend (and missed our lunches at Chop House and talk about poetry and essays)

Saw my grandson make his first touchdown—a 65-yard run!

Hosted Thanksgiving for seven

Reached a milestone of ten years following the loss of my husband


Stepping into 2019!

3 Comments on “Some things I did in 2018….”

  1. Oh, wow. Your activities and accomplishments from 2018 are such an inspiration! Thanks for sharing them!

  2. Janmarie Hall says:

    Hello, I love your writings. I have a question regarding Real Pioneer. I didn’t leave a message there as I was not sure you would see it since it has been so many years since it was posted. In short, I am a descendant of Jacob Boone as well. I read that someone offered you a photo of a painting of Jacob Boone. That was Richard Griffith Sanders. Did you ever get this? It has been a mystery for a while as to who had that painting. My great aunt did tell me that it went out west with one of his daughters. There are so many of us that would love to see this likeness. If you have any information about this would you share it with me? Thank you so much.

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