On this patriotic day, this 4th of July…I am for some reason bothered by the Facebook posts that say PRAY FOR AMERICA. I don’t understand the concept. It seems very shallow, when you really think about it. Of course, yes, I would agree, on a very basic, immature, and baby-Christian level, pray for America. It’s a start, even if we don’t have the awareness of what we’re saying and praying for. America needs our prayers. But…

We ARE America. So who and what are we praying for when we pray for America?


Are we expecting to say a two-minute prayer for our country and our leaders and then sit back and grill our steaks and eat our homemade ice cream and wait on God to “come down here” and fix everything the particular way we want it? Are we expecting God to do the work while we whack open a watermelon? Are we expecting God to intervene in our national processes?

God doesn’t always intervene. (I think we can all agree on that.)

Maybe we should grow up a bit, mature, apply some of the wisdom we were equipped with. Perhaps we should pray for ourselves and say GOD BLESS ME AND HELP ME BECOME A GOOD AMERICAN. Because…

We are the mouth, the hands, and the feet of God/Christ in the world. He is counting on us to do the work, to look beyond ourselves, to open our minds and see outside our tiny boxes, to look at the big picture and how we fit into it, to fix ourselves, to understand love and brotherhood, and then to lift up America…to not only pray, but to be the prayer and the answer to the prayer.

All I know is that it can’t be right in the eyes of the world and in the eyes of God to post PRAY FOR AMERICA in one instance and then in the next to spew hatred for Obama or to share an old tired meme about Hillary or to put down Trump.

We’ve got to find a way to help ourselves grow up and act right. If prayer will do this, then I say let’s change the charge to PRAY FOR AMERICANS…

That we might mature on the vine and be the healing and uniting force our democracy so desperately needs. That we might lift up instead of tearing down. That we might know just exactly who we are and who we belong to and what we’re supposed to be about in this world.

3 Comments on “PRAY FOR AMERICANS”

  1. Maggie says:

    Kathy, I know this post was not easy to write…coming, as we both do, from the Bible belt of this great country we are fortunate enough to live in. Just wanted you to know that I appreciate what you said and believe it myself. Also to tell you that I am consuming your book, “Remember the Dragonflies”, in large gulps – fabulous! I’m on pg. 77, dying to get back to it! (but I DO have to work sometimes) Thank you.

  2. Susie Dunham says:

    Great message. I think we also need to pray for the people of our world, our planet this Earth we live on. Americans have a standard to live up to or down from, whichever way you want to look at it. Pray for Americans to have empathy, use our brains to research facts, to like one another which sounds harder than to love one another. Thanks for this Independence Day blog.

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