Too Freezy Soon

Next month there will be a few days warm enough that I can take off the boots and put on the Chacos. I live for those days. Apparently, others do, too, because people in the neighborhood are out walking, cleaning the deck, working in the yard, and jogging. All we need is a little sunshine and some 50s, and we find ourselves thinking it’s an early spring, or hoping that one will show up.

Reality always comes down, though, because those icy winds will blow again. And we haven’t really had a good snow yet.


My daffodils always prove this out. Like me, they are always eager, coming out with the first yellow day of the year, rising toward the warmth. Once they’re up and their bonny yellow heads are peering around, clouds come slithering in and dump a little snow.

For now, I’m out in it.


One Comment on “Too Freezy Soon”

  1. Cynthia M. Beard says:

    So love to read your outlook on life!

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