I look around me at the wonder that is my yard. How can a flower be bigger than my hand? And so beautiful? I don’t understand how nature can create something that is beyond words.


I wanted a popcorn bush or a white hydrangea like the ones at the entrance to my subdivision. But I ended up getting a limelight hydrangea. I could look at it all day.

I think about going far off to wonders of the world — canyons, big rivers, and red rock mesas. And then I look at my hydrangea bush. And at night I look up through the big fifteen-foot high windows in my dining room and see an almost full moon shining down on me.

And I think…I don’t need to go anywhere. I am content right here. There is beauty all around me. There is amazement all around me.

Does it get any better than that?


2 Comments on “Staycation”

  1. I get that same kind of feeling almost every time I sit on my screened-in porch — morning or evening. How blessed we are!

  2. Cynthia M. Beard says:

    What a wonderful mind you have to express feelings – makes me appreciate even more my yard and my sunroom!

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