I find satisfaction in planting a seed and watching the energy of life sprout out of the earth, in watching the plant grow up and bear food. It’s the love of dirt and growing things that compels me to put out a few tomato plants every year.

In early spring, I plant. Then I tend, water, weed, and wait.

In high summer, I pick fat, red, and ripe tomatoes off the backyard vines. Homegrown varieties, all with the smell and taste of the sun and earth packed inside.


The first tomato always goes to an old-fashioned, country-style tomato sandwich. The recipe is simple. Pick one garden-grown, softball-sized tomato, still warm from the vine. Place it on a cutting board. Cut a 3/8” slice crosswise into slippery, orange-red pulp, through a sunburst of yellow, as seeds and juice spill out. Smother two slices of white bread with liberal swirls of creamy mayonnaise. The slice of tomato should cover the slice of bread, touching brown crust on all four sides, leaving only slight triangular corners. Salt sparingly. Pepper. Savor the first bite, letting the juices trickle down your chin.


2 Comments on “Anticipation”

  1. Don Day says:


  2. Cynthia M. Beard says:

    The perfect tomato sandwich described perfectly.

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