In Golden Place

The dog and I stir early. I hear the three-beep alarm on the coffee pot that says it is ready. I smell it already filling the bedroom. I look at the clock. I know it is really three forty-five. I didn’t set the time back – FALL BACK – before I went to sleep last night. We lie there a moment. She looks at me to see what I’m going to do. I look at her to see if she’s ready to go out. And then I push the covers back and crawl out of a warm bed.

Except for the darkness much too early in the afternoons, I love this time of year. Fall is my favorite. Every fall, I am reminded again of why I love Williamson County, Tennessee. Fall is beautiful.

gold trees

Friday morning as I drove to downtown Franklin to meet Susie at The Coffee House at Second and Bridge, I slowed and looked at the countryside. Golden trees at the roadside and off on the distant rolling hills. Some brilliant reds mixed in. All against the contrast of deep evergreens. Red barns. Silos. Brown wooden fences holding in horses swishing tails. Blue sky. Just beautiful.

Especially in fall, I am abundantly grateful for the quiet beauty and rich scenery in the land around me.


3 Comments on “In Golden Place”

  1. sarahbarnes1 says:

    Beautiful, Kathy. (I did the same thing).

  2. Susie Dunham says:

    pretty as the picture.

  3. Glenda Beall says:

    I have downloaded your book to my reader and look forward to having time to read it slowly. I love the golden tree on this post.

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