Two (2) Words

I came away from the 2013 Oxford Creative Nonfiction Conference with two words I heard in Sunday’s panel. Sacrifice and persistence.

I know them well. They are what we do as writers.

We sacrifice doing things with friends or spending time with family, all of us to different degrees, but yet, there is always sacrifice of some sort. We may sacrifice a clean house, ample groceries, clean clothes, a mowed yard, or needed exercise. Or sleep. Sacrifice — giving up something in order to have something else with a higher value.


Persistence. Continuing steadfastly in some course of action even though there is opposition. We writers have persistence through shitty rough drafts, rejections, dejection, put downs, red marks, interruptions, pulls on our time. Even if we don’t have editor or publisher deadlines, we make our own goals and set our own deadlines and hold ourselves to them.

We are determined to carve out our time, leave the dirty dishes in the sink, turn off the phone, apply the butt glue, focus on the project, and keep the end product in the forefront of our minds.

Remember. Sacrifice and persistence.


One Comment on “Two (2) Words”

  1. Susie Dunham says:

    ha! you said, “shitty”! i need a big bottle of butt glue and a book organizing fairy for all my screwy pages which is really “shitty”!

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