Brown Sugar Toast

Sometimes I remember things and then try to re-live them. Like Mama’s brown sugar toast.

Brown sugar toast was special because we didn’t have it often. I don’t know if other mothers made it or if my mother was the only one and it really doesn’t matter because the taste of brown sugar covers up every other thought.

You take a slice of white bread and smear a thick coating of margarine over it and then you sprinkle a bunch of brown sugar on top and then you sprinkle water over it all to make the brown sugar stick and sink into the margarine. Then you put it in the oven under the broiler.

[I did update and use a five-grain bread and butter instead of margarine. ]

Some of the brown sugar melts into the butter and some of it just gets toasted. Not much is better than brown sugar.

It’s hard to re-create it exactly because everything tasted better coming out of Mama’s big white Sears oven . . . but it did bring back a memory and a time that can’t be matched and a taste that is the same in every generation.


One Comment on “Brown Sugar Toast”

  1. Beth says:

    My mother made it, too. And you’re right — not much is better than brown sugar.

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