Begin and End with a Shot

My BFF has a birthday today. I sent her an email this morning that said, “Damn, you are XX!” (I wrote in the age, but I’m not telling you what it is.) “Did you ever think when we were girls and wearing big hair rollers and blue eye shadow and blue knit dresses and black leather jackets and riding around in your daddy’s old truck that we would be here at this age?”


I did tell her that she looks great. And she does. She is beautiful and slim and young-looking. And she dresses in a youthful, stylish way. And she has led a fairly stable life.

Me, I’m the one who lives on an avalanche waiting to happen, and I’m the one who is falling apart. Take just this week.

Well, first, there were some good things. I finished another chapter in my book and planned three more. I heard Par Donahue talk about his new book projects at Authors Circle. And I met Janie Wells and listened as she talked about her book, a tribute to her daughter who was murdered at the age of thirty, as well as Janie’s connection to her daughter and her spiritual journey in the days and years that followed. And yesterday, my friend down the street, who is still trying to sell her home up in New Hampshire, had her house featured on the Today show — exciting!


Now I will be what I am accused of being: Little Miss Sunshine, and report the bad stuff.

Monday, I started the week with a crown prep at the dentist’s office. Apparently, I am under extreme stress, and I’ve been clamping down my jaw and biting my teeth together, and I broke three teeth. I didn’t know I was doing that. This crowning process was begun with a long, long shot in my upper gum, or maybe three shots, or four — I don’t know how many. I thought we were finished, when he said, “Okay, we’ll do two more and then we’ll be done.” After those, even my entire right eye was numb. I was in the chair for two hours and left with a crooked smile and a half-closed eye.

Come Friday, I could still feel the injection sites on my gum, when I went to the Bone & Joint clinic for my shoulder. I had four X-rays, orthopedic testing, and a steroid shot stuck straight into the joint. I had to do it. I’ve spent the past two months not being able to hold my hair dryer, pour a cup of coffee, put on my underwear, open the dryer door, squeeze the mouse, put on my outerwear, pump hand lotion, hang up clothes in my closet, pick up a gallon of milk, open a bottle of wine, drive, sleep, pick up my fork to eat — you get the picture.


Life’s both a pain and a ride. Here’s to a new bottle of wine, old women, BFFs, birthdays, and new chapters!


One Comment on “Begin and End with a Shot”

  1. Oh my goodness…I have to completely agree with you on the ills of older age (or maybe we’re the only ones being tortured) This may give some support to your drooping eye…not too long ago, but not long enough, my wonderful dentist announced that I too had to have a crown – in this case, one I’d had a long time – replaced because I had cracked it. At night, of course! Sounded easy enough but no! they had to also remove the old material they had used for the original 3-root root canal 25 years ago. 2.5 hours in the chair with him trying to get that last little bit. I won’t even describe what my mouth was doing, but it did involve a “wedgie” that kept me from biting his precious tools! You have my sympathies.

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