Shop Small!

Saturday — between Black Friday and Cyber Monday — is a day to celebrate and support small businesses.

I am a small business: TurnStyle Writing, Editing and Publishing Solutions. My son owns a small business. My husband ran a small business for nearly twenty years after a twenty-year successful career with Alcoa. My father owned a successful small business for 57 years. Yes, what a work ethic!

My husband had a sign on the wall of GENISYS Systems Group: “If you think the customers aren’t important, try doing without them for ninety days.” My son has that sign now.

My dad’s motto was: “If a job is once begun, Never leave it till it’s done. Be the labor great or small, Do it well or not at all.” I have this in a frame next to my desk.

My great-grandfather Hardy lived on a family farm — land he inherited from his father, land I’ve now inherited from my father. In addition to farming, my great-grandfather owned an orchard and sold fruit and made sorghum and sold it by the gallon bucket. Ah, that entrepreneurial spirit.

This is the stuff America is made of. Why are we willing to settle for so much less?

Saturday, November 24. Shop small. Small businesses in your area.

I don’t have anything but services to sell. Services related to writing and books — so I will encourage you to go to your local independent bookstore and buy a book!


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