C & M’s Little White Pipe That Changed My Life

All I wanted was peace. I moved to a brand new home six months ago. New, because I didn’t want to have to change carpets and flooring and paint an older house. I paid more than I really wanted in order to get NEW. I wanted – I needed – to move in and live a quiet life. My house is my office, too. I wanted to move in and do the job I love. I wanted to move in and move forward with my own personal writing.

What are the odds? Out of 1700 homes my builder has constructed, I am one of two that had some type of leak that caused damage and disruption. My leak was the result of negligence of Franklin’s C&M Heating and Cooling, who installed a faulty condensation pipe – out-of-round from the factory, not sealed well by the installer, and not tested to make sure all worked well.

So for 41 days, I had to replace flooring and refinish flooring and replace drywall and paint drywall. I had no kitchen for several days – had to eat meals out. I had no office for a while – had to make do.

Now, all the repair work is done, and I’m getting my house back in order, and I should be at peace. After the fury of the storm, there should be peace.

But no. Cincinnati Insurance, the insurance of C&M Heating and Cooling, is pushing me around, playing games, taking up more of my time with requirements of information needed in order to pay for the meals I was forced to eat out, to cover the times I was blocked out of my office. They had asked for this information up front:

“We discussed the possibility of your kitchen being taken apart due to wet floors and drywall.  If that is the case and food is lost as a result, we would compensate you for any meals you may have to purchase until you are able to have full use of your kitchen,” the adjustor said on May 4, and “for any time missed from work as a result of the repairs that are ongoing.  Should these repairs prohibit you from being able to actively work in your home office, please keep track of the time lost and submit once the repairs are completed for a full review.”

I did. I didn’t ask for much. I’d put a coffee pot in my bathroom (yes, bathroom!) and ate dry granola so I wouldn’t have to eat breakfast out. I missed some lunches or ate an apple. A friend bought a few meals out for me, and I drove to Memphis to have some normalcy at my sister’s house over one weekend. I didn’t try to take Cincinnati Insurance for a ride.

Then the adjustor said, “I have spoken with my boss and it is our policy to request tax records for the past two years for those that are self-employed.  Please provide those along with what you have made currently this year.”

So. Their negligence caused me to have to eat out several times, and they need my 2010 and 2011 tax returns with personal information, along with the amount I have earned in 2012, in order to be able to pay $95. I had to provide this information to buy this house six months ago. A whole house, a few hundred thousand dollars.

So. Because of their negligence, I could not work in my office for 31 hours during the last month. I made do for much of that time. I’m organized, I plan, I prepare. I worked all of Memorial Day weekend to complete one job with a deadline, and I dragged three other people with me in order to get the work done. So now, they want my 2010, 2011, and 2012 to-date tax information in order to reimburse me for some of the time I missed work, because they can’t take my word for it, and I understand that, but there are other ways to get the information they need. They’ve already cost me 31 hours. Now they want me to take an additional two or three to dig out and make copies of returns.

I guess I’m ignorant, but I can’t for the life of me figure out how my 2010 taxes will help them confirm exactly how many hours of work I missed in May of 2012. Why do they need my bank account numbers, my social security number, my income, my expenses, my medical and health insurance information – what bearing does this have on 41 days in 2012? I am not their client. They are not entitled to my private information. I am the victim.

Peace is not to be. C&M through Cincinnati Insurance is still disrupting my life, hindering me from work, making demands and unethical requests, stifling my creativity, pushing for personal and private information, wasting my time, harassing me, all for a very small amount of money.

Damn. All I want is peace and to have what I would’ve had if the leak hadn’t happened.


One Comment on “C & M’s Little White Pipe That Changed My Life”

  1. Kathy Rhodes says:

    Cincinnati Insurance did pay. Once I got them to issue an acceptable release, I signed, and payment came the next day. Thank you.

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