Backyard: Getting There!

The backyard is coming along nicely. I’m not finished yet. But I have six trees, a vegetable garden, an herb/perennial garden, and a few other planted and decorated spots.

And this rain should help the grass along!

Some special things: part of my Revolutionary 4th great grandfather’s original tombstone from 1799, an old brick from West Kemper Baptist Church, statues of my mother’s, a flat rock from the original land grant of Jacob Boone’s farm in Kentucky, my husband’s arrowhead collection, my mother-in-law’s shells, a pick from my grandfather’s farm, a gull from my Oregon trip, as well as a cobalt blue sea ball, and so on…

Here are pictures of the progress…


One Comment on “Backyard: Getting There!”

  1. Don Drane says:

    Maybe you can find an old hay rake or pitchfork from family keepsakes, invert it, mount it on the fence and put small colored bottles on it as well. I call mine a cobalt pitchfork. You can find tiny bottles for this purpose. I wouldn’t dare suggest it, but I know a fellow in Jackson of international prominence who makes planters out of tires and paints them. There’s always time for flamingos later. I also used a black, metal hanging basket support from a garden center (like you hang a plant in on tiny chain), hung it from a shepherd’s hook, but a blue gazing ball in the middle and turned upside down wine bottles around the ball. Great conversation piece.

    Am I sensing a tiny bit of OCD in your madness? I’ll admit to a little of that too but try to keep it at bay in the yard.

    Don D.

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