A Tale of Parallels

Sometimes life takes you by the throat with both hands, cracks the cartilage, and throws you breathless to the ground. Well, in fact, most of the time it does that. After all, it [life] can’t let anything good happen and last. At least, that has become Truth for me. I find myself expecting that, more and more in the days at hand. It’s not that I’m cynical. It’s just … the way it is. After all, I am one of the very few who became that awful “W” word in our fifties. You don’t easily get beyond having a life and your life ripped away from you without lasting fears and consequences.

Maybe it was a sin to love this new house so much. To keep looking around with pride and claiming perfection here, beginning to worry I couldn’t find anything to put on a list for my builder to fix. Everybody has a punch list—bulleted items to be addressed during a one-year new-home warranty period. I didn’t have one. I swear, the house was perfect.

Little did I know that the HVAC company, C&M Heating and Cooling of Franklin, had installed a faulty part (referenced in a previous blog) and furthermore, did not seal it adequately, upstairs in the attic, out of my sight, and that for weeks, a little water condensation had been dripping between two walls, down to the subfloor under my hardwood.

And so now, this perfect house is down to its feet and back to its original state in some places and not so perfect right now. But I know that in a matter of days, it will be. It will be at its best. Because I honestly do have a good builder.

As I let my thoughts roam, I realize that this is what I deal with every day. Peeling something back and restoring it even better. I do this with stories, as a writer and editor. My own stories. The stories of others. I can deal with this analogy, understand it, and make it through this little disaster.

So as you look at the pictures of the state I am in physically, think of your own life and stories. That faulty construction. The problem you have. Getting back to the basics. Going deep to the core where things are not good. Suffering through the rebuilding. Becoming whole. Polished and pretty.

Restoration company and builder’s team

My hardwood floor

Hall subfloor and drywall

Kitchen — granite and cabinets pulled out, down to the subfloor

Turbo fan behind the pulled-out appliances — loud!

Kitchen wall opposite the damaged hall

Dehumidifier in the breakfast nook and turbo fan #2 — loud, loud, triple loud! I can’t even hear the phone ring. Forget TV. And it’s drying me out, too. I’ll be a raisin by Monday.


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