Goober, Goodbye

I still watch the Andy Griffith show almost every night at ten. Barney died of lung cancer in 2006, one month before my dad passed away from end-stage dementia. And now, beanie-wearing Goober…George Lindsey, took his final bow May 6.

Here’s what my dear friend Bill Peach said about the local resident.


“I lost a good friend yesterday — a tribute to George Lindsey:

George was schooled in the New York stage; he was an accomplished actor.  His role as Goober brought him fame and into the hearts of his many fans.  Several years ago, George lost someone whom he loved very much and had a brief period of unhappiness, unlike the man we knew.  He wanted to be George Lindsey, the actor, and his public wanted him to be Goober.  During that period, in a painful moment for me, someone approached George and excitedly asked, “Aren’t you Goober?”  He replied, “No ma’am, I am George Lindsey.”  It was strange that often when we were engaged in a serious conversation about theater, literature, or film festivals, it was not unusual for him to pick up a much-too-big-hat from our stock [Pigg and Peach men’s clothing] and put it on and shift into his comedic persona.  One day George came to see me on his way back from a classroom visit to one of our schools.  He was in his brown work clothes with the funny hat.  He was in a good mood.  He had become himself again.  Ironically, it was just a few days after Sarah Cannon had died.  We discussed how much we appreciated who she was and the awesomeness of her talent, and how the world had come to love two great women.  I remember telling George that he and Goober were much like Sarah and Minnie, whose simultaneous death was a two-fold tragedy for the people who loved them. He agreed.”


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