This White Pipe…


Round smooth plastic piping, with curves and white purity, like a new bride in a silky white gown…

Except … there is a hole in that gown, an imperfection, a gap like a sliver of moon at the end fitting where the pipe is out of round. C&M Heating and Cooling happened to overlook this faulty part when they installed the HVAC system in my new house. The condensation water leaked through that tiny hole … gosh, it’s so small … and insignificant … and found its way down my wall and under hardwood flooring, and set my life on a new course.

Backtracking — removing flooring, cabinets, granite. Rebuilding, replacing, packing up the kitchen again after being here only five months, restoring my brand new house to a brand new house like it was before the damage caused by the air unit. Interruptions, turmoil.  Life upside down for two weeks or more, then

maybe peace again.




2 Comments on “This White Pipe…”

  1. Don Day says:

    Lucky for a builder’s warranty

  2. kathyrhodes says:

    Yes, I am blessed! Now if the builder would just step up and help, that would be icing on the cake!

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