Meet Me at the Hardwood

I found a new place that I’m really liking because it’s locally owned, away from the Franklin hustle and bustle and chains, the people are nice, and the desserts are homemade, even though I don’t usually get dessert. I did have the ice cream cake once, and one day, I will try the chocolate pie.

It’s the Hardwood Bar & Grille on Thompson’s Station Road West. You turn at the intersection where the BP station is located and veer around to downtown Thompson’s Station. I’ve only lived down here a month, but I’ve been to this place four or five times, or more. I even shared it with my son visiting from North Carolina the day before Christmas Eve. He’ll want to go back next time he’s home.

I can’t wait till it’s warm, and I can eat and read or write on the front porch. Outside or inside, it’s hard to not slip into a trance in the quiet calm of country.

Across the street, next to the old depot which is the new City Hall, there’s a red L&N caboose. I rode L&N from Memphis to Cincinnati with my mama when I was a little girl. Beyond the train car, you get a view of rolling hills with black cows peppered about.

The Hardwood has art work on the walls for sale and I hear they have live music, too.

So it’s kind of an artsy place. And for that reason — and because someone suggested I should — I’m going to set a date and meet some writer friends from Franklin, Spring Hill, and Columbia for breakfast or lunch one day. I’ll let you know when my skies are clear and the sun is rising!

Get ready for potato cakes, y’all.


3 Comments on “Meet Me at the Hardwood”

  1. maggie bafalon says:

    I love your writing and think you should come out to CA wine country for a visit. You know…new subject matter…the Pacific…make new friends, etc. Maggie (MS transplant)

  2. Kathy Rhodes says:

    Maggie, I was out there last summer — following Hwy 1 down the coast. Loved it! Absolutely loved it! Drove through wine country to San Fran. Want to go back to Oregon and stay right on the water. And write. Thanks for reading!

  3. Glenn Smith says:

    Kathy, not everybody knows this, but Google Streetview covers not only metropolitan areas, but pretty much every road and highway in the United States — so I was able to plunk myself down right between the Hardwood and the caboose, and take a panoramic look around (but it was a gray day). Kind of like being God . . . Glenn

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