My New House

If I had had time to write a Christmas / 2011 Newsletter, it would have said that in 2011, I sold a house and bought a house.

My new house is perfect for me. It looks like me. It is me. The layout is perfect. And y’all should see my office. It is just wonderful.

I’m thankful this season that I was able to accomplish this monumental task. Now I’m getting through the boxes, getting things in place, getting settled in here in the House on the Hill.


2 Comments on “My New House”

  1. Agatha Nolen says:

    A warm greeting for a good Christmas for you and a new, New Year. Advent is a time of waiting. You’ve waited for a new time to begin and it has. Although your new house is just a symbol of this fork in the path of your journey, it is your first Christmas in your new house and will long be remembered. Surrounding you with warm wishes and look forward to seeing you again soon.

  2. Susie Dunham says:

    happy for you! can’t wait to see that house on the hill.

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