Moving Out, Moving In

This blog has not only served my writing interests, but has documented every big thing in my life…well, almost everything. But we won’t talk about what it hasn’t documented.

So I thought it only fitting to share a few photos of my move from Fieldstone Farms to the House on the Hill.

The computer and printers and other peripherals get loaded up for a ride to the shop with a plan for re-installation in three days.

Boxes, boxes, and boxes get loaded onto a 30-foot white truck, all being paraded out of my home of sixteen years.

There goes the white shag rug!

The dog settles in at the new House on the Hill. She makes a nest in every pile of wrapping paper and sits close to me.

The dog looks out her new front window. Here we are, and just when do we get to go home?

The office. Well, the desk is functional, even if it is surrounded by boxes.

See! See the work there. Yes, I’ve been working in my box-filled office!

Okay, well, the dining room is done, so there. That proves I have been unpacking some boxes. And I am reclaiming some order.

Yes! The Barbie tree is up in the big front window! I just couldn’t get the big tree put up this year, but all the Barbies are joyous in celebration of a new season in a new house. If the Barbie tree is up, that suggests a move toward normalcy and order and hope.

I’m getting there.


One Comment on “Moving Out, Moving In”

  1. Susie Dunham says:

    yippeeeee!!!!!! i love love love everything about this move for you. i cannot wait to see your place and i know you won’t let us see it until you have every last spoon and plate and toilet paper roll in place. but – i want to see it before then! i love the Barbie tree. it says “I am here. I am home.” congrats on your gigantic step forward.

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