Southern Festival of Books 2011

Another downtown Nashville Southern Festival of Books – and two new T-shirts from the Atlanta “Book Slut” girls’ cute shirt booth – gotta love ‘em: “Lit Happens” and “Lover of the Written Word.” It was the most beautiful weekend that ever was, and it was great to spend it in an Authors Circle booth with Bill Peach and others of the writing community, talking about writing, selling books. It was great to see those I don’t get to see except on special occasions: Charles (and Ann) from my hometown, the sweet gentleman who has given me Eudora Welty and Willie Morris tapes and Helen Hanff books, River Jordan, Jolina, Diana, the TWA bunch, Cindy, Randy, William Gay, and so many others. It was good to visit with Nancy Allen and Grace Swift – love them both! It was great to meet Scott and wonderful to spend an afternoon with my friend Julie Gillen, that fabulous Maury County columnist! And Chance, the noted poet. And Mary Ann, who’s getting her memoir ready to go. Thanks to Benetta and Lynn for stopping by the booth, and thanks to you all who bought my books! Now, some pictures to preserve the days…


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