Apple Cider Time

It’s fall. Time for apple cider, caramel corn, pumpkin pie, and that rum-apple cake I so love.  Yellow mums and a few pumpkins are on the front porch, and the fire pits in the back have already blazed a time or two.

I hosted my writers group last week and built a fire in the pit on the patio, as well as one in the built-in pit beside the abelia and red tips. We ate crackers and cheese and grapes and pumpkin bread and drank a little wine. We read our stories and talked about them under the night sky.

Yellow leaves are falling like coins. There should be a jingle, but there’s not, for the leaves are silent. The Japanese maple in front of the living room windows is beginning to turn red. What a beautiful season that shows this tree in all its blazing glory! I love this time of year — when my yard puts on a colorful show before it slows down and sleeps in winter.

I love this house. I love it in the fall, I love it in winter’s cold, I love it when my yard is reborn in spring. I can barely think of leaving it, but I am thinking of that, and if I’m not here in the spring to see it all come alive and beautiful again, well, here’s to you 2348, a sip of cider! A toast to the house I’ve lived in almost as long as I lived in my childhood home! You are a place of peace and comfort and beauty, and I do so love you.


2 Comments on “Apple Cider Time”

  1. Christopher says:

    I love cider! And fall. It’s been a rainy start to autumn here in Munich.

  2. Glenda Beall says:

    Kathy, Your sentiments are the same as mine – the fall leaves and leaving the house.
    I can’t give my house up just yet, but I am working toward that day.

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