Wail, um, Whale of a Summer

Hard to believe it’s over. Summer. In the hell of over 100 for a month running, I couldn’t even dream of feeling cold, wearing a jacket, seeing frost on the rooftops ever again. I’ve done all three in the past 24 hours. The temp dropped to 40, and I rode, leather jacket and gloves, on the back of a motorcycle to Lawrenceburg to Amish country. Even in leather, I was cold. This morning there was patchy white stuff on my roof. I’m in heaven.

Summer started with a wail. I was fighting chipmunks. They were tunneling around my little backyard pond and dumping dirt in it. I emptied it three times, cleaned, and re-filled it, hired a Chipmunk Man to make my yard critter-free, lost the battle, ripped that pond out, and hauled it to the street for the trashmen to pick up, all the while whining and wailing about it. I put a fire pit in its place, or my son did.

In full wail-mode about not being able to take care of ponds and fire pits and flowerbeds, I put my house up for sale. Which means I had to clean it first. Those who know me know I don’t spend a lot of time cleaning, updating, and buying new furniture or accessories. So my work was cut out for me. After pretty much working myself to death, I concluded I’d lost my mind, as well as the battle with the chipmunks and the backyard.

Mixed in with all the bad was all the good. There was Oregon. Driving down the coastal highway 101 with a friend, my sister, and her husband. Riding dune buggies. Whale watching. Soaking up sunsets. Taking in lighthouses.

There was the trip home, to Cleveland, Mississippi, and reuniting with old high school friends…or former high school friends…or maybe old and former. What beautiful girls they were back in the 60s in the Delta, and what lovely and extraordinary women they are now! And can I just be lovely and extraordinary along with them, even for a day? Or think I am.

And September ends with other remarkable things, like the Bluegrass Festival in Summertown and a ride in an Amish buggy in Etheridge. And the Grand Ole Opry.

All in all, well, it was a whale of a summer.

Now, welcome October!


One Comment on “Wail, um, Whale of a Summer”

  1. Gloria says:

    Wow, you filled up the summer in spite of the heat. You’re one busy lady. This Florida Baby even admits it is wonderful to see the seasons change. We’ve had some recent perfect days. Luv to read of your adventures.

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