Lighthouse on the Oregon Coast

Seaside, Oregon: You drive from Portland over hills, through timberland, then into population, and all of a sudden, an ocean is coming at you. You didn’t realize how close it was, you didn’t even know what it looked like because you’d never seen it, and then it appears at the end of a street. But shimmering glimmering white-capped waves are rolling toward you, and you can barely wait to park the car and run to meet them. There’s a rhythm about it all, something assuring, because it never stops, and so as one flattens out at your toes, another is rushing at you and one behind that and so on. You gulp air, it takes your breath as it overwhelms you and reminds you that the world is like this and each lifetime is a wave coursing onto a sandy shore, reaching as far as it can, settling, washing out. One lifetime after another, forever, and that’s what eternity is.


2 Comments on “Eternity”

  1. I thought all beaches looked like Gulf Coast beaches until I stepped onto the burning black sands of an Oregon beach, then saw sea lions surfing where the Atlantic meets the wild and scenic Rogue River.

    We’re never prepared for that wave around the next corner. I’m always anxious and alert, but when it comes, overwhelmed.

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