Showcasing Creative Nonfiction

Since last spring I’ve been teaching classes weekly at the Williamson Parks & Recreation Center. And loving it! WPRC offers a variety of classes — from zumba to oil painting to watercolor to Mexican cooking to belly dancing to western line dancing to repairing drywall to Spanish to creative writing. Creative writing is ME…that is, unless I’m ever brave enough to give belly dancing a go.

I teach “Writing My Real Life Stories” every Wednesday and have had some unique and fascinating tales, and their writers, come through my door. These people just have to tell their stories, and it is my job to help them do it better.

I’m thrilled to have finally made the rec center’s display case! The tools of writing — laptop, paper, pencil — and glimpses of memories — old snapshots — and the products of writing — framed stories/pictures and books — are displayed in the lighted case in the facility’s foyer. (There’s even a picture of me with my old high school boyfriend building a snowman in the Delta, where it never snows!)

In class, not only do we talk about the creative process and the art of remembering true experiences, we discuss the techniques of writing good creative nonfiction. We have classes of craft: how to write in scenes — showing and telling, how to develop character through action and dialogue, and how to employ specific and concrete details and write description.

Hands-on experience, too. We write a real story during the course of the classes.

The next session is March 9, 16, 23, and 30, from 10 – 11 Wednesday mornings. Learn more on the TurnStyle website.

Come join us and learn to tell your real life story in an artful and compelling way!


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