In One Day

Here I am. The last day of 2010. Six hours into the day, so there are 18 left to tie up all the loose ends of the year gone by.

How can I finish what I need to in one day — clean out all the cobwebs of my life, unclutter the desk, organize all the business records. File them away neatly. I have yet to remove old business records from a previous company — dating back to 2008 — from the filing cabinets in my office to business storage in the garage.  I had hoped to do that before the new year. I had hoped to start fresh.

How can I go forward if the drawers are full and there’s no where to go?

Whatever happened to my “get up and go?” What happened to my ability to meet goals? I used to meet every goal I set. I’m not sure where that passion went. I think it’s still there, but weighted down and dragging along behind me instead of driving me. I think about achieving goals and accomplishing things, but the days go by and I watch them as though I’m standing on a bank of a river looking at the water rushing forward and I can’t seem to get even a toe in the current.

Maybe I should resolve to re-find my passion in 2011. Maybe I should start by cleaning out just one drawer. Not looking at the other five. Not looking at the credenza behind my desk. Not looking at the whole office. Just one thing.

Surely, in one day, I can clean out one drawer.


2 Comments on “In One Day”

  1. Beth says:

    Something that worked for me was to turn on the lights bright as possible, turn music up loud, clean off my desk, first, then polish it and admire it, put all the stuff in drawers into banker’s type file boxes, label them with a big bold defiant Sharpie, and put them upstairs in a storage room (they are there, they are safe, I am just not ready to deal with them while I re-establish my own creative flow); I may scream, cry and laugh during this process, but it’s an unearthing, an archeological dig, because (you know it) there is something lurking and you just have to grab it by the throat.

    My mother always said (I’m sure you’ve heard it) that her get up and go got up and went. It’ll come back, but you may be able to coax it with bright lights, loud music and some caffeine.

    Both the bad news and the good news is that the new year will come, whether or not our files (like rocks collected in a back pack) are in order.

  2. I say, set the timer for 60 minutes. Turn on some kicky music (Wynonna, U2, Natalie Grant, Bon Jovi work for me). Clean and sort your heart out until timer blares. Stop, smile, and head out for a mocha. It’s enough.

    Hey, I think I’ll try that, too!

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