Writing Emotions

Today I was told by a friend that my writing is powerful when I’m mad. I noticed that, too, when I was in the middle of it and digging so deep that my fingernails were scratching against and cutting into raw internal tissue.

We all do need to put emotion in our writing — give it depth, give it meaning, give it power. You’ve heard that old thing about “cut a vein.”

I read recently from Nonfiction Editor Chidelia Edochie of Sycamore Review:

“I like a little blood on the page. I want essays that manage to delve into the emotional depths of an experience, as well as to access a certain wisdom about the circumstances of the experience. Intellectual observations about human nature are all well and good, but what I want most to know is how the writer fits, emotionally, into the world s/he is recording.”

Blood on the page. Remember that.


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