Thanks to the Southern Literary Review for its heads-up on the Oxford Creative Nonfiction Conference, Nov. 11-14, in Oxford, Mississippi.

The slate is full of pre-conference workshops with some of the best teachers and speakers in the field in all the world. The conference will feature Lee Gutkind, who taught the first ever university course in the genre in 1973 at the University of Pittsburgh … and who also indirectly came up with the name “creative nonfiction” … and who also is known as the “godfather” of the genre (there’s a story behind that!). So I definitely believe he is one to hear if a writer is interested in this genre and wants the scoop directly from the top!

Dinty W. Moore will be there. I plan to take his all-day Friday manuscript critiquing workshop. He is one of my favorites. I think he’s one of the best teachers in the field, and I look forward to a day spent in his tutelage … with Sherry Walker from Colorado Springs — we were together in Dinty’s class at the 2008 Oxford conference. Our friend Sarah Einstein, also there in 2008, won a Pushcart for her story we critiqued in that class.

The 4-day schedule is packed full of classes and panels and receptions. And in between, I know there will be networking, talking about writing, about life, about what we’re gonna do next, dinners in darkened restaurants over glasses of wine, and lunches in quaint downtown Oxford.

To sign up for this conference, go to the Creative Nonfiction Conference website.


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