Forget Don.

Who is Don, and why do people have to talk about him when they are getting dressed? I mean, really.

I read a sentence the other day in an essay in a lovely magazine that said something like “I ran into the house to don my swimsuit.”


I know, it’s a word. Don — v.t., to put on or dress in: to don one’s clothes.

But is it one we use in our everyday conversations? I don’t recall ever telling my husband, “Honey, I’ve got to don my shorts so I can mow the yard.” Or Son One: “Yes, you will don that brand new letter jacket and wear it — you will not hang it on a nail on the wall like a souvenir pennant.” Or Son Two: “Don your Speedo and go swim the butterfly.”

People just don’t talk that way. Why can’t writers just “put it on.” Why do they have to drag Don in?

If there’s a simpler word, use it. Good rule. Get down there with us real folks.

Me, where I came from, we just put it on.


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