It was a proud moment standing at the grave of my fourth great grandfather, John Mehaffey, Revolutionary soldier, one of seven sons of Scots-Irish immigrants Moses and Jennet McIntyre Mehaffey, who came to these shores in the mid-1700s.

John was almost nineteen years old when he originally enlisted for service, July 3, 1778. He served four voluntary terms, totaling twenty-five months during the War of the Revolution.

He was also a scout and government spy among the Indians on the frontier in western Pennsylvania and along the Ohio River. He served under General Anthony Wayne.

In 1799 John traveled from Pittsburgh to Adams County, Ohio, to claim a 100-acre land warrant for his service in the Revolution. He was one of the earliest settlers in Liberty Township, so named to perpetuate among the early leaders’ descendants the memory of the cause for which they struggled.

John was too old to enlist in the War of 1812, so he went as a substitute.

He died in 1849 at the age of 91. I have a piece of his original tombstone in a bed of irises in my backyard.

Here’s a salute to John Mehaffey.


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