Creative Nonfiction Workshops

True stories. Well told.

That’s what we aim for during creative nonfiction sessions each month in Franklin, Tennessee. There are four classes in writing Real Life stories — those childhood stories we’d like to preserve for grandchildren, stories about how our mama waxed our slide so we’d go down real fast, stories about our cousin cutting the fingers off our doll, stories about a papaw who took us to the watermelon patch in a wagon behind a mule…stories that tell about the Time and Place in which we grew up. Funny stories, poignant stories, tender stories. Real life stories.

The classes are meant for 1) ANYONE who wants to write their real life stories and/or 2) the writer who wants to learn the basics of the genre of creative nonfiction and how to write it more effectively. It’s for writers. It’s for those who are not necessarily writers and who are a little bit intimidated by that empty sheet of white paper with thin blue lines on it.

Creative nonfiction is the telling of true stories in an artful and compelling way. Sessions will offer not only the fun of recalling and reliving memories, but also solid instruction and hands-on experience — from that scary first blank page to a completed story. We talk about writing in scenes, how to describe characters and write dialogue, how to include concrete detail and description. We put real people on the page and make them come to life and save them for future generations.

Telling stories comes naturally. When we tell our stories, we are remembering, reviewing, reliving, and reflecting back like silver mirrors. We are doing something important. We are leaving a legacy.

Nothing lasts forever until it is written down.

“Writing My Real Life Stories.”  Four classes each month, Wednesday mornings from 10 a.m. until 11:00 a.m. Franklin Recreation Complex at 1120 Hillsboro Road. Cost $48. To register, call 790-5719, Ext. 10.

Join us! The next session begins July 7. Future classes, click here and go to Workshops.


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