Kisses and Hugs

I cannot fathom what it is like to have a man that close all the time—touching, stroking, caressing, hugging, patting, holding your hand, biting, pinching, and pulling your hair, not to mention ripping out any ornament you might wish to wear in your curly locks. But lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about that. Especially after watching my 14-month-old grandchildren interact. A girl and a boy. He is always there, right on her, watching and copying, pushing and playing, laughing and dancing. Now, she’s a tough cookie and can hold her own—she bites and pinches, she’ll knock him down if he gets in her way, she’ll bodyslam him to the ground. She’ll chase him down for a toy. She’ll also hug him and slobber a big kiss on his cheek.

The sweetest thing was when, while riding in their stroller, he reached over like a teenager would in the movie theater and took her hand. Oh man, what a memorable moment.

Hardy & Jillie

It got me to thinking about my mom and dad. My dad couldn’t keep his hands off my mom. He was constantly touching, probing, and patting, even in front of the kids. She’d pretend she didn’t like it and say, Quit Dad. He’d laugh and keep on. My sister and I would roll our eyes and shake our heads and say something like, Gross.

And I wonder often what marriage will be like for my sweet little Jillian. She will expect closeness; she knows nothing else. She will expect to be hugged, kissed, caressed, mauled all the time. She will expect to always hear a slight breath next to her ear. She will expect to eat every meal with someone, share bites of food, have conversation and laughter over the backbewwies. She will expect to always have a shoulder to fall asleep on, a warm body on a cold night, a naked butt to pinch when she feels like it. She will always expect hands all over her.

I hope there’s a tiny boy out there somewhere right now who one day will be everything she needs him to be.

(And somebody needs to tell her when that time comes, she needs to meet him at the end of the aisle in a Baptist church with her wedding hankie in her hand and the Hardy Veil on her head and not elope like others we all know and love.)


One Comment on “Kisses and Hugs”

  1. Christopher says:

    This made me smile and, if I’m absolutely honest, cry a little. Jillian is so lucky.
    I started tearing up at the beginning of this line, and then at “mauled” I laughed. For me, a perfect sentence.

    She will expect to be hugged, kissed, caressed, mauled all the time.

    Chris 🙂

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