Go Susie!

Susie and her husband Terry

My friend Susie and her husband volunteer with the Williamson County Red Cross. I admire their dedication — how they will come home from vacation if a tornado hits or if a random flood happens, they show up to serve even though their son from Oregon is home visiting. Where would we be without folks like Susie and Terry, who put their own flooded backyard on the back burner and go take care of everybody else.

Today, they have been going door to door in River Landing and the Del Rio and Cotton Lane areas and even in Fieldstone Farms. It’s tough to care for people who have had such grave losses…hard to see this and feel the pain hour after hour, day after day. It takes special people to do this.

Susie and Terry are special.


3 Comments on “Go Susie!”

  1. susie says:


    ah… ya made me tear up, there. what a sweet and thoughtful message. i’m almost speechless. 8)

    so many people are doing almost the same thing we’re doing and have no affiliation with a recognized group. they are all making a difference and are amazing to me.

    thanks for putting a good word out there about the Red Cross. we appreciate it.

    your friend, susie (&terry)

  2. Gretchen says:

    What a nice blog entry. And so true. Too bad we can’t clone them. 🙂 Stay safe!

  3. Two very special people doing what comes naturally to them. Stay safe!

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