Go Sarah! You rock!

Sarah Einstein, Kathy Rhodes, Susan Cushman; February 2008

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Sarah Einstein just won a Pushcart Prize for her essay “Mot,” a beautifully rendered piece of creative nonfiction. What a well-deserved honor for her! How thrilling for all of us who know her and have read her work!

Sarah, second from left in Dinty’s manuscript workshop, 2008

By “all of us” I am including that tight little group of us at the Mid-South Creative Nonfiction Conference in Oxford, Mississippi, in early 2008. In a manuscript workshop led by Dinty W. Moore, writers like Sherry Walker, Susan Cushman, K.G. Schneider, and I discussed “Mot” and knew then it was a powerful piece.

Kathy Rhodes, Sherry Walker, Robert, Dinty W. Moore, Bambi, Sarah Einstein
Lunch at Ajax

What an exciting moment for Sarah, an awesome writer and more importantly, a beautiful person!


6 Comments on “Go Sarah! You rock!”

  1. Thanks for sharing this. Well done, Sarah!

  2. Sarah Einstein says:

    Thank you. But boy will I be glad when you have new pictures! These are perhaps the least flattering pictures of myself I have ever seen!

  3. inktarsia says:

    Great job, Sarah! It was so fun to see a small part of that manuscript’s journey. We know gold when we see it. And congrats to Ninth Letter.

    That last Oxford conference was a turning point for me–can’t wait for this fall’s conference. Guess we’ll need a Pushcart winner reception (live band, BBQ, fireworks) on the Square.

  4. Karen Brady says:

    Congrats to Sarah! Would love to read some of Mot….any chance you could post a portion of it? Great pictures. The Oxford thing must be an annual event, and sounds like it is more for established writers, and that you already have a group going that is a little of a closed circle(?)

  5. Kathy Rhodes says:

    Karen, there has only been one conference, but some of us who went still stay in touch and love to remember and want to do it all again. There will be a lot more people at this conference than at the first. It will be fun for all.

  6. Sarah Einstein says:


    I would say we are a very open circle… so open we might be a line! The closeness of the conference, and particularly the review sessions, certainly did lead to some great friendships and wonderful writing partnerships. I think the potential is there for both new groups to form and new people to join the friendships already established. (Particularly if those new people are open to sitting next to me at Ajax and letting me steal some of their sweet potato fries… just saying.)

    Nor would I say that the conference is for established writers. I’m certainly not “established,” though I am closer now that I was when I went to the Oxford conference two years ago. And it was the conference–and the opportunity to work with the GENUINELY established writers there as mentors and workshop leaders–that was a big part of my recent success.

    That said, of course not every conference is for every person… only you can tell if this one is for you. But don’t be frightened away by the close friendships already formed; rather, be heartened by them! Because this is a conference that fosters community among writers, and that’s perhaps its greatest achievement.

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