Creativity Takes Time

“Creativity takes time.”

This comes from Charlotte Rains Dixon, novelist, writing coach, blogger, who is coaching herself in her own novel-writing process right now because there are times when all of us have a hard time making a go of it.

I’ve been so busy lately with contracted writing that I have neglected my own creative flow. My blog posts have not been as regular as I had committed to in the beginning. My novel is once again on the back burner, and I fear it has been left too long out of preservation. My essay/memoir collection is growing mold. The days are going by swiftly, and my desk remains cluttered with Chapter Three of this work project and Chapter Four of that one. My head is also cluttered.

For me creativity takes time. I need to sit and just think—preferably outdoors, in nature where things sing and fly and crawl and grow and flow, caught up in movement and dynamic change. Think. It’s how I smooth myself out as a person—clear those sharp edges that keep me from being what I want to be. It’s how I make sense out of life when there is no sense in it. It’s then when thoughts come into my head that allow me to take one more step, whether writing that essay or making a decision.

Yesterday I walked down a quiet country road to a creek and a washed-out bridge. I went around the fence-block erected where the road abruptly stopped. Way down below, the river babbled onward, flowing with urgency, tripping over itself the current was coming so fast. I watched and thought how it smooths the rocks that stick up jagged at its surface. I watched as it moved forward to whatever was around that next bend, hell-bent to get there.

I love rivers. I learn from them. I’ve watched as other rivers move. They pick up leaves, sticks, and carry them along, twirling them about in surface speed, while fish swim in the calm just under the frenzied flow. The rains come, and the river moves faster to carry it all, to take it where it can be processed, where it is all smoothed out and quiet again and some sense of normalcy is reached.

I vow to sit by a river this week. Any river, anywhere. To take my pencil and paper and while life rushes in front of me, let my thoughts come as I sit at its edge and do nothing but listen. And write those thoughts down.

Because creativity takes time.


One Comment on “Creativity Takes Time”

  1. Karen Brady says:

    Very encouraging post. Thank you.

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