The Last Lovely Dozen

Last Roses of a Lifetime

Every Valentine’s Day, the love of my life brought home a dozen red roses  and a beautiful card with lots of red and a perfectly matched verse on it. He spent a lot of time picking out cards. It was a sweet day to appreciate the warmth, joy, and energy of a happy relationship.

Now, it is my least favorite day. The roses pictured are from February 14, 2008. He died four months later.

This was my last bouquet.


2 Comments on “The Last Lovely Dozen”

  1. Sweet sorrow, or maybe nothing about it is sweet. Those of us who have not suffered this kind of loss really don’t know. I have a dear friend here in Memphis who lost the love of her life last April and the pain is still so fresh. Do you put flowers on his grave, Kathy? Would that possibly be a way to give back some of the beauty and love he gave to you? It might not be helpful at all, and please forgive me if this thought runs counter to your grief. A better friend would just shut up and listen and give you a hug. Here’s an e-hug. It’s the best I can do.

  2. Kathy says:

    Thanks, Susan, all are fine responses. I’m okay, it’s just that some days absolutely have no meaning any more and this is one of them. He was cremated. I still have part of him here with me. The rest of him is in Knoxville in the Tennessee River across from Neyland Stadium per his request … and behind the goalpost under the scoreboard inside the stadium because I surprised him. So now you know — toast Charlie when the Vols score on that side! Give your husband a lingering kiss on the cheek and squeeze his hand gently … because you can. Live in the moment and relish each breath.

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