Book Events

December has brought two opportunities for book signings. First on December 7, Currie Alexander Powers and I participated in Davis Kidd’s authors’ night series, Home for the Holidays, featuring the anthology Gathering: Writers of Williamson County. This was our first opportunity to take the book across county lines into Nashville. Several people stopped by to chat, we sold a few books, and we claimed the experience of being an “author” at DK.

Currie & Kathy at the Authors’ Table

Writers of Williamson County in Davidson County

A Long Table of Authors

December 12-13 brought the annual Dickens for a Christmas celebration in downtown Franklin. Characters from Dickens’ stories dress in period costumes, and folks enjoy music and food and displays of life as it was during Dickens’ time. I was thrilled to eat sugar plums and to watch Irish dancing on the stage by City Hall.

CWW hosted a booth this year for the first time. I’d suggested this during our first publicity committee meeting for the book Gathering: Writers of Williamson County — after all, Franklin is home, and Dickens brings 50,000 people to its streets for this weekend event. I thought we’d be able to sell some books. And we did jolly right well at that!

CWW BoothCWW Booth on the Square

Booth, Decorated for Christmas
Bill Peach, Bob Gross, Angela Britnell, Dave Stewart

Carriage Ride, $2, and the Blue Heeler on the Horse

CWW Booth on the Square beside Green BankMain Street Crowd & CWW Booth

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