Not In the Flow

When it comes to paddling on a river, I can make my arms work, I can make myself move through the flow, I can get to the take out point. When it comes to words and sentences, I am out of the flow, sitting on the bank, looking at a white screen that has the potential for paragraphs and pages. There’s a “strainer” somewhere in my mind, keeping me from moving forward.  A strainer is a downed tree, a beaver dam, some huge object in a river that clogs the pipeline. It’s a dangerous thing for a kayaker, to be avoided, as the water pressure through a strainer can be intense, trapping boats and paddlers, while the water flows fast through it. Somewhere in my brain there’s a strainer, and its grid of twigs and branches has trapped my creative attempts to lay out words across the page, to tell a story, to even think, design, and craft words and sentences.

I feel as though I’ve lost my boat. I wish to find a way around this dam of debris that holds me back.


One Comment on “Not In the Flow”

  1. Beth W. says:

    I think at these times, the back-shop of the brain is quietly working and wants to be left alone for awhile. The physicality of kayaking or other physical work, maybe even some travel (new scenes), something seemingly unrelated to the writing, may be the key back into the slipstream of words on paper.

    I’ve been enjoying reading about your new kayak.

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