My New Boat!

Last weekend, a book launch. This weekend, a boat launch.

Or at least thoughts of one. I’m ready to carve out a river between rocky cliffs!

Leah in my new kayak

And here’s the boat I’ll be doing it in! A Heritage Featherlite 9.5. Leah gets to sit in it first.

I love the water, I love the idea of floating down a quiet river, I love doing outdoorsy things. After a recent canoe trip and a deep-seated need for the last year to do something wild and crazy and different, I decided to buy a kayak. My very own kayak. I’ve shopped and compared and looked around, and then my son found one on sale in Hickory, North Carolina, and drove over and picked it up yesterday.

Both sons are chipping in and giving it to me for my birthday, along with me chipping in and giving it to myself.

For  right now, my boat is in Asheville and I am up a creek without a paddle. Meaning I don’t have one! Paddle, that is. I’ll be going accessory shopping soon. For now, I’ll be happy just LOOKING at my pretty yellow boat!

Leah and my kayak

Leah and my kayak

5 Comments on “My New Boat!”

  1. Dana Sieben says:

    I have been wanting my own canoe or kayak this whole summer, but I haven’t gotten one yet. I love yours! May you have many, many hours of peaceful fun in it!

  2. inktarsia says:

    She’s a beauty. Have you named her? I love the idea of paddling on a still, quiet stream. Do you pack one end of the kayak with bug spray? 😉

  3. susie says:

    she’s a beauty alright! and she’s BIG… 8) i could do one of those! it’s got a recliner in it!

    looking forward to following you in a canoe in my DD life vest. lol

  4. Rain says:

    Good for you and you will love it. We got a canoe last year and it’s been so great to glide on the water. Kayaking or canoeing is healthy and fun.

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