Touching Fame

There are those moments in our lives when we come close to those who stand out and above the crowd, those known for outstanding achievements, those who will go down in the history books as one of the “greats.” There are those times when our fingertips barely touch or tap the fringes of fame.

In the literary world, Shelby Foote will go down as one of the great Southern writers. He lived in my neck of the woods — Greenville, Mississippi and Memphis, Tennessee — and was a novelist and noted Civil War historian. Foote died in Memphis in 2005.

In 2008 the Tennessee Writers Alliance honored Foote posthumously with its Literary Legend award — “in recognition of significant contributions to the literary heritage of the state of Tennessee.” TWA member Terry Thompson of Memphis only recently had the opportunity to present the award certificate to Foote’s son Huger.

Terry Thompson and Huger Foote

Terry Thompson and Huger Foote

What does this have to do with me, and how did my fingertips touch fame? I designed that award — the borders, typed the text, added the TWA logo, got signatures, printed it on fine parchment paper on my HP Photosmart C5280! I actually typed the name SHELBY FOOTE. The award is still saved to my computer’s hard drive.  And I bought the frame and framed the certificate. And this award will go with all Foote’s other belongings, perhaps hanging on someone’s wall, honoring a great man for his works.

This may be as famous as I ever get in the writing world!


One Comment on “Touching Fame”

  1. C’mon. You’re more famous that that. I think you’re great. Enjoy reading you.

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