Tis the Season

High summer, sun and heat, a little rain, and green growth. Tomatoes are full and fat on the vines. Energy pumps through my veins as I watch and wait for them to turn the right shade of red.

I rub a leaf between my fingers, pick a ripe tomato, hold it in my hand, then sniff the distinct smell it leaves on my skin. It’s still warm, fresh, full of juice, packed with sunshine and life-energy surging to it from the vine source.

I slice through a sunburst of yellow and let seeds and juice burst out and run across the cutting board and onto the countertop.

I place two of the slices between two pieces of white bread smothered with creamy white mayonnaise, then sprinkle sea salt and pepper on top. I take a bite and let the seedy, pulpy juice run down my chin. I savor the taste.

Summer in the South is distilled into one sandwich.


3 Comments on “Tis the Season”

  1. COREY says:

    Had one for breakfast–all from the Mennonite farm.

  2. Gloria says:

    Your tomatoes are ahead of mine! We’re enjoying the little tommytoes at the moment, had about 20 of them comin’ in! Brandwine’s and Bradley’s are getting huge but not even pink yet. Tomatoes and biscuit (low fat of course) are tasty too.

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