Bill Peach

Landmark Booksellers in historic downtown Franklin hosted yesterday’s booksigning for local author Bill Peach. It was a mid-afternoon wine and cheese-and-crackers event, with Bill sharing the highlights of his writing career, his continuing education legacy — six decades in institutions of higher learning, and his use of “triliteration.”

Landmark Booksellers in downtown Franklin TN

Landmark Booksellers in downtown Franklin TN

Bill has been part of the literary community since long before I moved to Franklin in 1988. He was the owner of Pigg & Peach menswear on Main Street, and every time I went downtown I’d see Bill standing in the door of the store or standing by a lightpost at the corner of 4th and Main. He was a big presence in downtown Franklin, he is a big presence in the literary community, and he’s a big presence to all who know and love and respect him.

Bill, the #1 Liberal in Williamson County

Bill, #1 in Williamson County

Bill shared a humorous story about getting a blurb for his book from Marsha Blackburn. He shared how Tom T. Hall called him a philosopher. And he shared his views on religion — something denomination leaders would be wise to listen to. Bill is a man of strong faith, and he shared openly and from deep within his soul. He experiences his faith in the quiet starlit night on his patio, in a bookstore, and in the laughter of his children and grandchildren. It doesn’t necessarily happen during the Sunday morning traditional worship hour.

Bill Peach, talking about his new book

Bill Peach, talking about his new book

Bill’s fourth book is Politics, Preaching & Philosophy. This is a compilation of articles he wrote for the Williamson Herald — many of them he shared with his vast e-mail blast list, which I am on. I particularly like what Will Berger, co-pastor of the Historic Franklin Presbyterian Church, wrote as a blurb in the opening section of the book: “Not many can write interestingly and thoughtfully about topics as broad-ranging as politics, preaching, and philosophy, but Bill Peach does just that in these essays. Bill has a gentle humor that allows even those who disagree, to profit from what he writes…”

Bill, signing one of his titles

Bill, signing one of his titles

Bill is always ready and eager to talk about politics, preaching, and philosophy and does so on occasion at Merridee’s in downtown Franklin, where he sets up a time and invites friends to join him for a casual meeting of the minds. Bill is a big supporter of education and a lover of the written word.

He is often (or always?) seen wearing a tie with books on it.

And as for triliteration, you’ll have to ask Bill what it means.

(This event was sponsored by the Council for the Written Word of which Bill is Chairman of the Board Emeritus.)


One Comment on “Bill Peach”

  1. Hi, Kathy. unfortunately, I’ve not visited your blog for a while. I’m subscribing on a different reader to not let that happen again. I enjoyed what you’ve written here. And to think, I was only blessed to meet this interesting man at the last CWW writer’s conference. He approached me and said he thought we’d have a lot to talk about and successfully plugged me as a liberal. When I asked him how, he thought a moment and said it was because I introduced myself to the group before I read my freshly written passage by saying I was a “fiction virgin.” Like you, I’ll let Bill explain how he deduced my politics and other views from that. It was pretty logical when he explained it to me.

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