Scott Pearson is a writer.

I first met Scott at a Council for the Written Word workshop a few years ago. He left in the middle of it. He emailed the next day and explained that he got called away on an emergency. I hope everything’s okay, I wrote back, assuming it was a family emergency.

Scott is a surgeon at Vanderbilt.

When he was a resident, he had 5:30 a.m. rounds, but when he became an attending, he did rounds later, so he began using the early morning time for writing. He was used to being up; why not take advantage of it? Because he can write knowingly about the world of a surgeon, he built a story around Dr. Eli Branch — a medical thriller. Intense. Graphic. A page turner.

A. Scott Pearson

Scott talked about his publishing experience at Barnes and Noble Writers Night last Wednesday. It was Day 25 after his book was released. He started his thriller, Rupture, in 2004 and it took three years to write and edit and take it through enough revisions for it to be ready for a publisher or agent. He went to writers’ conferences in New York, Boston, and Albuquerque just for that 10-minute face-to-face with an agent, but had no luck. It was here at home at Killer Nashville that he pitched to someone from Oceanview Publishing who ultimately requested his manuscript.

The back cover flap says, “A standout novel from an extraordinary new voice in the world of suspense, Rupture is a precise, urgent, and gripping tale. ” I’ve only read three chapters, and I am agreeing. Precise, definitely. Urgent is a fitting word. Gripping, for sure. I don’t read suspense. I don’t read thrillers. But I’m three chapters in.

The book is set in Memphis. Scott is originally from West Tennessee, went to UT Knoxville (Go Vols!), and then went to med school in Memphis. All you Memphians pass the word: Scott will be in Memphis March 7 at Davis Kidd. Go meet him! He’s friendly and all smiles and loves to talk about his book and how he got published!


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