If Stars Could Talk

There are more stars in the Mississippi Delta sky than any other place. And they are closer to the earth. It’s usually comforting to stand under those stars. This trip, they sting.

It’s a long way home. I took my mother to see her “brick” at the clock tower on the Delta State University campus, and we put flowers and a bird statue on my father’s grave.

Tomorrow brings another long trip to The Big Baby Shower in Brandon, and I will make that trip alone. Mom has decided she can’t go.

I sit deep into the night in the room where I grew up. Sleep won’t come.


2 Comments on “If Stars Could Talk”

  1. keith fulcher says:

    who is your mother and what name is on the brick? did you find it? If not, i will take a photo of it for you. Keith Fulcher, DSU Alumni/Foundation Office, 662-846-4704

  2. Kathy says:

    Yes, we did find the brick! Ray and Lucille (’52) Hardy. Thank you!

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