Boxes and Books and a Library, Oh My!

I recently received a letter from Judy King — the Vietnam Wall poet. The letter also went to Oprah, Barnes & Noble, Thomas Nelson Inc., the Bill Gates Foundation, and the Michael Dell Foundation. I’m up there with the big ones, and being in their company made me perk up and take notice. Accompanying the letter was a newspaper article from the Westview paper: “Mayor calls for establishment of city library, seeks book donations.”

Judy said in her letter about the town of White Bluff, “We need a library. … I am writing to unofficially ask for your help. … If you can donate a book, several books…

Books for White Bluff

Books for White Bluff

“Mayor Linda Hayes says she would still welcome county help in opening a public library in White Bluff, but due to a number of obstacles, including the economic downturn, that help may not be available anytime soon. … Hayes announced plans to plunge ahead on a library for the town anyway, setting a target date of February 1 for the opening of a facility that would essentially serve as a city-run … public library — equipped with books, computers, and high speed internet service.

Several private donors have pledged funds for remodeling the building. … The mayor is also in negotiations with private individuals and a local business for donations of computers. … But there are also ways the general public may pitch in to help make the dream become a reality as well.”

First is by donating books: gently used children’s books and adult books — fiction, nonfiction, historical, etc.

The Williamson County Council for the Written Word is collecting from our members who are doing some spring cleaning a little early, and we hope to stock a few shelves ourselves. I volunteered to stack the boxes and books in my foyer until the end of the month. So far we’ve got 14 boxes of books from just two people and more on the way, and I’ve still got to rake through my own supply.

If you have any books that are in good shape and would like to donate them, the small rural Tennessee town of White Bluff would love to have them on the new shelves of their library, set to open in February. I’ll be glad to give you a shipping address.


3 Comments on “Boxes and Books and a Library, Oh My!”

  1. Jim Woodworth says:

    Thanks for the help in getting book donations. As you may know, the library will named in honor of Jennie E Woodworth. She was my great grandmother and it is great to see her efforts toward helping the community and it’s citizens being honored in this way. We have been gathering books and have sent some down there and we will be making the drive down there at the end of the month to deliver more.

    The Mayor of White Bluff has done a great job in getting this organized and people involved to make it hapen.

  2. Jan Fletcher Lemons says:

    I also thank everyone for their efforts toward making this library a reality. Jennie Woodworth would be so proud. She was a writer herself- and quite a dynamic woman. Although I never knew her, I heard stories about my great-grandmother all my life, and my mother was born in her home in White Buff.
    Thanks for blessing her memory and the town of White Bluff.

  3. Jane Woodworth Pettit says:

    As my brother mentioned, he and I will be coming down to Tennessee in a couple of weeks to bring a van load of books that he and I have collected from friends, colleagues, family members and even our Ann Arbor Public Library. So many of the people that I talk to have been touched by your story and your enthusiasm for establishing a library in White Bluff. Keep the news coming; it is fun to follow!

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