Present and Past

Moppy has been shopping!

Jilly and Hardy's UT Rompers

Jilly and Hardy's UT Rompers

Thanksgiving Eve, after eating at PFChang’s, we stopped in at Sports Seasons, so Son #2 could look at Colts gear. That’s when I ran across some little orange outfits, baby-sized … on clearance. Jillian Autumn, “Jilly,” will have the white one, complete with puffed sleeves and a puppy Smokey on front. Winston Hardy, “Hardy,” will have the orange one, complete with GO VOLS on his little butt. Moppy couldn’t resist, especially on the day we learned the sexes of the twin babies. Next football season, they will be wearing orange in Ole Miss/ Miss State territory. In honor of Poppy. It’s just right.

Now, it’s Thanksgiving morning at 6:30 and the turkey is in, all swathed in a mixture of orange juice, orange marmalade, Jack Daniels whiskey, and fresh garlic, with lots of rosemary/garlic blend sprinkled on top. And I just thought of something. I have no clue how to carve a turkey! In four hours I will pull that fourteen-pounder out of the oven and stare it down.

In the past when it was time to carve, Charlie, or Winston — I was married to two men at the same time — would pour himself a glass of wine, roll up his sleeves, and tell everybody to get out of his way. He meant it, too. The whole family would disperse to the living room and give him plenty of elbow room. Except the dog, of course. Chaeli sat by his right leg, in hopes of getting a bite. And Son #2, who stood at his right shoulder, crowding him, watching, waiting for some dark meat, giving unsolicited advice.

Thanksgiving 2007, Carving the Turkey

Thanksgiving 2007, Carving the Turkey

So now, Son #2, you’ve got to step up to the plate and punt if we’re going to have slices of turkey with our dressing and sweet potatoes!

Playing Turkey!

Playing Turkey! 2007 Charlie & Corey

It is five months today, Thanksgiving Day, that Charlie, or Winston, had his aortic dissection, and five months ago tomorrow, Black Friday, that he died.

The little orange outfits show the cycle of life…life moves forward. Birth, death, it’s all a natural part of life Charlie, or Winston, would say. I’d just as soon have the birth part, by itself.


3 Comments on “Present and Past”

  1. inktarsia says:

    Congrats on Jilly and Hardy–a boy and girl. Perfect. Each holiday brings such memories, a mixture of sorrow and hope. That turkey glaze sounds amazing…

  2. Jilly and Hardy — wonderful. Those outfits are adorable. I’m with intarsia — that glaze does sound amazing.

    We never go through a day without thinking of son Darryl, who’s sudden fatal heart attack swamped us all on Oct. 5, 2005, and we never miss him more than at holiday family gatherings. But when we hold hands around the table to express our love for each other, he is inside the circle, too, same as Winston/Charlie for you and your family.

    And, oh, the stories Jilly and Hardy will hear of a life well-lived.

  3. MaryB says:

    We miss Charlie/Winston – and give thanks that he touched our lives, even virtually.

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