“Burgundy Wine and Jack Tastes Fine!”

One good thing about being alone is that you can do anything you dang well want to. You can go buy a brand new coverlet that has baby blue stitched flowers on brown and a baby blue lining, without having to consider anyone else’s tastes. You can go buy groceries on a Friday night, without having to consider anyone else’s schedule. Not that I ever minded.

This morning I made pancakes like I wanted to. I whipped up the Hungry Jack Complete and put a smidgen of olive oil on the griddle. I improvised when I realized I didn’t have enough pure maple syrup to cover three pancakes. I pulled out a jar of Jack Daniels’ Burgundy Wine Grape Jelly. The jelly is made of sugar, burgundy wine, and Black Label Whiskey.

On the steaming bottom pancake I spread butter and ample jelly. I didn’t even wipe the jelly off the knife before I put it back in the butter because I didn’t have to. I didn’t care if the butter had jelly on it. I don’t care if the butter has jelly on it tomorrow when I reach for it.

On the middle pancake, I spread butter and more dark red jelly, strong with the smell of wine and mash. Then on the top pancake, I plopped a glob of butter and poured real maple syrup and let it soak in and run down the sides.

The dog was licking her lips and hopping-up-and-down eager, but I doubt any other human soul in the world would have been enthusiastic about the wine jelly and maple syrup pancakes. I ate them heartily and followed with a swig of orange juice to kill the sugar high.

Lord, I had wine and whiskey for breakfast. I’m going to hell in a handbasket.


2 Comments on ““Burgundy Wine and Jack Tastes Fine!””

  1. Beth says:

    Check out my post from this morning on Collards and Yard Eggs. Sounds like you could steal Ray-unh-dee clean away from Cindy. He would follow you anywhere. . . especially if you would serve up some of that Burgundy Wine Jack Daniels jelly.

  2. Morgan says:

    ha… that is so cute… and so true @ u can do whateverrrrr u want and WHO CARES when your alone…
    Glad u enjoyed your pancakes. =]

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