Heeeere’s Winston!

The Twins!

The Twins!

These are my grandchildren-to-be. One baby is on his/her head, and the other is lying flat on his/her back. “One is looking at the other’s butt,” my son said. They are three inches long. I’m pretending one’s a boy — Winston Hardy — and one’s a girl — Jillian Autumn. Winston and Jill. We won’t know for sure until the next ultrasound, the day after Thanksgiving.



Nicole has just completed her first trimester. Her birthday is Election Day, and she is getting maternity clothes — and she already needs them.

Amazing how these tiny things can bring such hope, in a time when hope has not been my partner.


4 Comments on “Heeeere’s Winston!”

  1. sarahemc2 says:

    Congratulations, Grandma! (Or will it be Granny, Gram, Meemaw, or Grandmommy?)

  2. kathyrhodes says:

    I have chosen Moppy.

  3. hayley says:

    how about another mamaw!

  4. Morgan says:

    yayyyyyy!! I love my little cousins already =]

    And btw…Moppy is so cute!!!

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