Happy Birthday

This is the first birthday for “First Draft: Laying Down the Words.”

One year … of writing about writing. Of writing about creative nonfiction. Of writing journal entries … and occasionally sticking in a picture of my beautiful dog.

Why did I begin a blog? I became intrigued with blogging because my husband was a blogger. It gave him a venue to write, and I watched him become deeply absorbed in it, and he loved the community of people he built around him, as he read and shared ideas with them. He used an alias and could be who he really was without worrying about what people would think of him. He was truly his on-the-edge self.

But I became a blogger because in a creative nonfiction workshop I attended in September 2007 in Oxford, Mississippi, Lee Gutkind said that blogging is creative nonfiction. It’s an extension of the genre, and if you are blogging, you are writing creative nonfiction. That being the case, I was on board. I thought it would aid my writing by allowing me a venue to jumpstart some of my true to life stories, thus the name First Draft.

So, happy birthday First Draft! It’s been a helluva year, but you and I have made it through. I should have popped the cork on that dusty bottle of champagne at the bottom of the wine rack, but instead I drank hot chocolate with a big fat marshmallow on top. More my style — curling up with a fuzzy dog, a warm blanket, and a cup of cocoa, along with the satisfaction that I completed the cycle of something I started.

Shall we go for two?


3 Comments on “Happy Birthday”

  1. corey says:

    Happy blogday!

  2. inktarsia says:

    Congrats on this blog-iversary! I blog because you inspired me to try it–guess you should add a second marshmallow to that cocoa. You inspire so many writers with your work.

  3. hi and happy birthday, First Draft! I haven’t checked in for a while… been busy caring for my mom, who fell and broke her hip. I just celebrated my blog’s first birthday in August… great feeling, isn’t it? And yes, it IS creative nonfiction… or it can be. I’m hooked. Keep on writing!

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