Rain and cool fall weather arrived this afternoon in Middle Tennessee. Clouds were low hung and a white foggy mist draped the hills. Leaves are faded yellow, orange, brown and crispy, blowing around on the ground. I’m afraid the color this autumn is not going to be spectacular.

This is still my favorite season — when the colors are usually showy, meriting a ride through the country or down the Trace. Brilliant yellow and red and orange still me, make me silent and reflective, make me want to go inward, slowing down for cold barren winter, a time to curl up under a warm blanket and take stock of life.

The first cool fall day, I always fondly remember my favorite scene of the season. I experienced it ten years ago when I worked in Nashville and drove across Page Road through Percy Warner Park on my way to work. One October day, the trees lining Page were a brilliant yellow and formed a canopy over and on each side of the street. It was rainy and the asphalt was black and there was a striped yellow line down the middle of it. In my line of vision there were only two colors. Two. Yellow and black. I was inching along on a black strip following the yellow line into a tunnel of yellow. And it absolutely took my breath away.


One Comment on “Cool”

  1. core says:

    Right there with ya!

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