You Got It — Use it!

Now, people, c’mon. Really. Put your “thinking caps” on, as my fourth grade teacher used to say. Take a look around. Note the new jobless figures. Note the declining value of your home. Note the bank failures. Note Wall Street and what our lawmakers in Washington just had to do — a shameful $700 billion bailout in the biggest government intervention in the financial system since the Great Depression. We’re in dire shape, the president said, pushing this passage from his position in a party that promotes less government. He’s in the last of his 96 months in office.

All these failures and depressing signs and fears come to us now after a $600 stimulus check went to every citizen in the country who paid or didn’t pay taxes last year. (Yes, my mother got one, and she is 87 and hasn’t paid taxes in twenty years…so if that thang had anything to do with taxes, I’ll eat my hat.)

And people, c’mon now, what about those supposed tax refunds doled out over the past several years to put money back into the economy to keep it strong? Did that work? Huh, did it? Or did you even get one? I got one the first year, but after that, nada. “Where’s my tax refund that the president keeps talking about?” I asked my accountant, who instantly replied, “Those tax refunds were not intended for people who have to work for a living, like you and me.” So the refunds went out, I assume, to people who did not have to work, and my original question…did they work? Duh. Obviously not. I say again, LOOK AROUND. Look at the shape we’re in.

Our country is sick and broken and needs to be fixed.

Barack Obama

Barack Obama

That’s why I proudly support Barack Obama. He’s the man for the job, the man who shares my values, and the one I trust my country to.

Besides, now that I am going to be a grandmother, for the sake of little Jillian Autumn or Lucy Channing or Axle Hardy or Winston Jagger, I want hope, I want there to be a solid USA in 2012. We have one chance for that.

Let’s don’t blow it.


7 Comments on “You Got It — Use it!”

  1. sarahemc2 says:

    I’m glad to see we now have matching signs!

    You know, my students were talking about the election on Friday and it hit me: they may very well vote into office a black president the very first time they participate in an election. Wow. It seems such a hopeful thing, that these kids will never ask “Could it ever happen?” That, for them, it will just be par for the course.

  2. corey says:


  3. Sherry says:

    Ditto, Corey! It’s time.

    One small sunny thing that’s come from this week’s legislation: the solar tax credit was extended, and even increased. The solar and renewables industries are breathing a ragged sigh of relief.

  4. Rain says:

    Good for you. We have up one also in an area where nobody does. Actually two. This is rural Oregon and definitely McCain country but we have up our signs for Obama. I hope for the best

  5. Joy says:

    Beautifully said Kathy…..I couldn’t agree with you more. I have everything crossed that I can cross…without permanently hurtlng myself…that Barack will win this election. He really is our only hope for true change for little Jillian Autumn or Lucy Channing or Axle Hardy or Winston Jagger…..oh, Winston Jagger, you know THAT’S my favorite, don’t you?

  6. kathyrhodes says:

    Yes, Joy! You know, if it’s a girl (or two) I’m even for naming her Jillian Winston and calling her Jilly or Winnie.

  7. Joy says:

    Jilly or Winnie…..adorable. Have a really wonderful weekend Kathy.

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